About Us

Star Consulting Global is a Powerful Learning Solutions Company that provides Customized, Innovative and Result Oriented Learning Solutions to various organizations Worldwide.

Star Consulting Global

STAR has evolved to become one of the Leading Organisations to Equip and Empower Professionals with the Best in Knowledge and Skills. Our focus is Multi-Dimensional Initiatives for Personal, Talent and Skill development. We implement State-of-the-Art Techniques amalgamated with Fundamental Principles of Individual Enrichment and Enhancement steering towards Organisational Growth and Expansion. We boast about our Interactive and Experiential Learning approach, creating an Environment of Zeal, Zest and Enthusiasm. Our Learning Ambassadors facilitate Motivation and Growth of Individuals, in turn, Impacting Core Organisational Business Objectives.
The World is full of Good Coaches. What it takes to Win is a Bunch of Interested Players.


Our Mission Is To Help Others Lead Their Lives More Productively, Happily And Peacefully.


"To Become The Partner-Of-Choice by Delivering Transformational Experiences Through Innovative Solutions Driven With Phenomenal Quality Leading to Tangible Impact Consistently".


"Values that Drive Us"
1. Commitment
2. Innovation
3. Agility
4. Value-Focused
5. Speed
6. Energy