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Team Work

Team Work

Team Work is an essential component and a critical aspect for all professionals working together as an organisation. It is a mechanism by which your strengths complement the shortcoming of other team members, in order to achieve the common goal. The power of being one by virtue of working together has tremendous advantages, to overcome huge hurdles and reach that common goal. The motivation that comes from within to work together and build that team spirit is an amazing success quotient. Contribution and participation from team members is an important element- to sustain and maintain team spirit. There can be many ways to promote the Team Spirit and there are different methods which suits different situations. However there are some methods which relate to majority of situations and are very effective in promoting team spirit. You can be as innovative as you may want to be but the core remains the same- All should behave as one. 

Points to ponder

1.       1. Treat each team member as an independent profit centre.

2.       They should be assigned clear cut specific goals.

3.       Various initiatives should be taken quarterly wise so as to charge up and gear the team members to be aggressive in executing their tasks and achieve their goals. 

4.       Come out with some accolades and make sure that everyone performs to their best.

5.       Accolades can be in form of acknowledgement for speed, acknowledgement for quality, all rounder and surprise of the month award. 

Teams are like soft clay. They can be moulded in any way you want to. Team engagements are the best opportunities to help people become productive and stay on path. As a team leader you have to be

·         innovative 

·         understand the capabilities of each individual

·          It works wonders not only in understanding the best of each person, but also in giving good direction to your hiring activities.

Ashish Singh Ashish Singh

is a Certified International Facilitator and CEO Coach with numerous years of experience in providing exceptional programs . He is acknowledged as a motivational and inspirational trainer who knows all the tactics of the industry to bring out 100% of the participants.