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Who Are We?

Star Consulting Global is a performance improvement organization that focuses on professional and personal development of employees. Our services include leadership training, value assessment, skill development, and so much more!

For more than a decade, we have been working passionately to do what we do best – introduce you to your abilities. We combine our love for honing talents with cutting-edge learning solutions to make a palpable difference within your talentforce.

Set Yourself For Success - Our Services

Your search for high-grade and impactful learning ends here! We help you dig deep and unearth your potential to learn, implement your knowledge and influence those around you.

Learn to Win with High Impact Learning

Learning is the cornerstone of success. We leverage the latest learning tools and techniques to help learners as well as businesses create opportunities. Conquer milestones with well planned strategies.

Retain More with Sustainable Long Term Solutions

Solutions that stick! It is natural to lose information after some time. Which is why we offer reinforcements in the form of hands-on training and analytical tools to help learn, relearn and retain.

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Power Through with Experiential Learning Tools

Experience maketh a person and we help our learners do just that! Our fluid pedagogy and experiential learning tools cater to a wide gamut of learners to learn practically. Our motto is to encourage learning by doing.

Result Oriented Learning Solutions

Pragmatic and proactive learning is our mantra! Our step-by-step programs map out milestones and help learners self-assess as well as empower organizations to reach their collective goals respectively.

Diverse Learning Via Customized Solutions

Silos of generic learning are a passé. Our custom solutions are tailored to fit your employees' learning scope and your business’ vision.

Let's Gear Up & Co-create High Performance
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Personal & Professional Well Being

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Increase in Morale & Motivation

Tap Into Your Potential- Spotlight Training Programs of the Month

Hand-crafted training programs that are designed to extract underlying potential and implement them for
holistic growth of learners as well as the organization.

Challenge Yourself - Rising Through Tough Times

Times are tough but you are tougher! Our virtual training empowers learners with tools to enable them to harness their skills and receive practical training to traverse the new path due to the new normal.

Mind over Matter - Well-Being Through W.A.H Zindagi

Synergize your mind and body with our unique well-being program, W.A.H Zindagi. Our experienced leaders will teach you how to balance the journey of life and counter stress as well as everyday pressure.

Talk it Out! Virtual Communication Mastery

Be a spectator no more! With this program, learners can grip the audience with impressive vocational skills and be the communication maestro they are meant to be.

Digital Simulation - Virtual Assessment & Development Centre

Let’s go Digital! Our online simulation of the traditional assessment and development centre creates real-life workspaces. We help businesses cherry-pick the learner’s cognitive skills, retention abilities, and quick thinking to make crucial talent-based decisions.

Virtual Campus to Corporate - The Big Leap

Stepping into the new corporate world? Ace your formative months with The Big Leap program. Our behavioural training will help learners develop necessary professional competencies and transition them into high-performing assets.

Bring the Leader in You - Virtual Leadership Delegation

This leader-centric program will teach learners about decision making, enhance their communication and delegating skills. With this program, they will be moulded into path-bearers who will lead a high-performing team

Bring Out the Excellence - Virtual Excel to Excel

Be the best version of yourself with our guided learning programs. We help you fine-tune your communication skills, business skills, presentation skills, and much more.

Masti ki Pathshala

All work and no play makes you a dull person. Masti ki Pathshala is our way of saying, ‘Why so Serious?’ where we help learners infuse fun as they learn while they earn.

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Our Process

We understand that each person has a unique way of learning and processing information. We tailor our approach to be as relevant as possible to your needs. Our techniques and pedagogy are designed to complement human nature, not machines. We achieve this through our result-oriented process

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